The menu of both Mahnič restaurants is based on the home-brewed Mahnič beer, and so the prevailing meals on the permanent menu are meat and beer specialities which go well with our beer. In addition to beer dishes, guests can choose among various Slovenian traditional dishes from the cuisine of the Karst region, as well as cuisines of other Slovenian regions.

APPETIZER: For an appetizer we recommend the steak tartar, which we prepare daily, or our traditional dry Karst meats such as Karst ham, zašink (cured pork neck), and pancetta.

MAIN DISHES: Large groups mostly order dishes served on platters for several persons. The platters are very well garnished and please even the hungriest diners, because every guest can find something for their taste.

The most recognisable among the platters is the Mahnič Platter, which includes eight pieces of meat, prepared in various ways (Parisian steak, Wienerschnitzel, grilled steak, and steak in sauce). In addition to the Mahnič Platter we recommend those who like beer food the Beer Platter that includes knuckle of veal, beer sausages, and other dishes that go well with beer.

Along with meat and beer dishes, the Mahnič Restaurant cuisine is also recognisable by traditional dishes from the Karst region, e.g. jota (cabbage stew), teranov toč (a dish made of teran and ham) etc., and the preparation of menus for organized groups (from simple menus for school groups to the most demanding menus, which are served at the most memorable events in life such as weddings, etc.).

DESSERT: Among the dessert selection prevail desserts that are typical of Slovenian culinary arts such as apple strudel, gibanica (layered cake), and kremšnita (cream cake).




The restaurant’s special selection is adapted to the seasonal character of foods, which enables the variety of the permanent menu.

Among the most popular dishes from the special selection are: young pork, lambkin and various dishes, prepared with fresh picked Brkini porcini (mushrooms), ramson (a type of garlic), asparagus, etc.


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