In the framework of the Mahnič Group, the group’s owners registered the real estate company Mahnič Real Estate Ltd. sl. Nepremičnine Mahnič d.o.o., which deals with the rental of their own residential premises in Ljubljana and Kozina, as well as their apartment rental in Kranjska Gora (Apartmaji Mahnič).

All real estate units of Nepremičnine Mahnič d.o.o., Kozina, are intended for commercial real estate rental, where the housing units are mostly rented long-term, while the apartments in Kranjska Gora are intended for short-term, mostly 3-7-day rentals.

Mahnič Apartments in Kranjska Gora comprise two apartment units, the Živa and Bor Apartments (***). Both apartments are according to the prescribed standards ( classified in the category of accommodation facilities with three stars (***). The apartments lie in the centre of Kranjska Gora, in the Razor holiday building, in the immediate vicinity of the village square (100m) and ski slopes (200m). The apartments enable their guests to retreat from the noise of the city into the embrace of mountains and forget about their daily obligations.

More information on the apartments with the conditions and rental price is presented in the brochure at the following link: Mahnič Apartments in Kranjska Gora.







Mahnic Real Estate Ltd. sl. Nepremičnine Mahnič d.o.o., Kozina, which is part of the Mahnič Group, is organized as a limited trade company.

For more information on the company’s legal status follow this link:BIZI.SI.


Nepremicnine Mahnic d.o.o.

Kolodvorska ulica 4
6240 Kozina

Apartment Živa:
Koroška cesta 6, Krajnska gora

Apartment Bor:
Koroška cesta 6, Krajnska gora

CONTACT - for inquiry:

M 00386 41 361 719